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Nursing Wiki: Resource for Education, Research, and Evidence-Based Practice

Our goal for the Nursing Wiki is to demonstrate how aggregating content from multiple initiatives can create information delivery efficiencies and promote collaborative authorship for nurses, nursing students and faculty.

The potential of the wiki platform piqued an interest with our projects with the Clinical Practice Committee (CPC) and Office of Nursing Research (ONR). Discussions with the leaders of the CPC and ONR prompted the development of an accessible prototype (i.e. wiki) to deliver information, and create and share knowledge. Additionally, we see great potential for collaborative authorship and teamwork to enhance efforts in education, research, and evidence-based practice in the medical center and the School of Nursing.

The biomedical library informationists and director will contribute and monitor wiki entries. We anticipate working collaboratively with the medical center nursing staff to help with adding and editing citations. Informationists will also add categories and subject headings to assist with linkages. In addition to a general feedback button, a survey focusing on feasibility and usability will be developed and distributed by the Summer of 2022.

We are optimistic our stakeholders will be instrumental with the wiki's sustainability. Biomedical Library staff will continue to contribute knowledge syntheses upon request. We also see where library students in need of practicum experience can assist with this endeavor. The primary goal is to identify methods and tools in which to improve information delivery in an academic medical center. Lifelong learning, research, and evidence-based practice are ingrained in the medical center's culture and we foresee this platform as a vital resource that is relevant to the missions of the medical center and the School of Nursing.

What's in the wiki?

  • The Nursing Wiki contains brief research literature summaries and bibliographies on a variety of topics requested by the VUMC Clinical Practice Committees
    1. Can be searched via the search bar at the top of the page.
    2. Accessed by browsing the Category pages.
  • We also created a page dedicated to Nursing Standards which contains the most recent editions within the library catalog.
  • Future pages will include saved EBP searches in PubMed and clinical decision support resources.

Are you ready to be a part of this endeavor? We created a simple step-by-step guide to get you started. Additional help is available in the MediaWiki User's Guide. Read more about wikis in nursing and health care here.

Getting started